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  • Time: 8:00 CET (GMT+1), daily
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  • Signals type: Buy Stop or Sell Stop
  • Estimated profit: +600 pips/mo
  • Deliverly: website, e-mail, software
  • Monthly price: only $120

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Trading alerts: the principles of the successful trading

What is a successful Forex trading? This is a combination of several factors. First of all, it is strict discipline. Further, it is a clear understanding of what is happening at the market. And finally it is the correct risk management. Let''s talk about each of these items.

Discipline. For any trader this concept is familiar. Discipline and strict adherence to trading rules is the key to success. Discipline saves from a variety of reckless and spontaneous trading decisions. A striking example of which is familiar to most traders a strong desire to win back after your deal is closed with a loss. Using Trading alerts you are protected from this, as you are given clear instructions what to do and when to do it. But due to our experience, we can say that few people follow this obvious rule. Forex trading is very risky and does not always go well. Many traders simply do not have the willpower to follow all trading alerts and monitor results. In this case, we can only advise not to trade at Forex market. If you are using trading alerts, you need to follow trading instructions produced by market professionals. Otherwise, what’s the sense to pay money for subscription to Trading alerts?

Understanding of the market. It''s all a bit easier. Every trader knows that if you do not understand what the market does, it makes no sense to begin trading. Of course, using the trading alerts, you do not need to learn the subtleties of the behavior of prices, but we strongly recommend you to try to delve into our trading signals. Our goal - not just to release the Trading alerts, we would be very happy if you learn to trade with us. Ask us your questions - we''ll be happy to answer you.

Risk management. Here you are free to do on your own. Of course, we encourage you to use up to 5% of the deposit on a deal, but due to our experience we can say that very few people follow this instruction. Control yourself. If your prediction coincides with ours - you can use a larger percentage of the deposit, but remember that the risks for such a move are just for you.

Follow the rules of your Trading alerts provider.

Analyze the market as possible.

Follow your risk management rules.