Trading signals

  • Time: 8:00 CET (GMT+1), daily
  • Quantity: 4 signals per day
  • Signals type: Buy Stop or Sell Stop
  • Estimated profit: +600 pips/mo
  • Deliverly: website, e-mail
  • Monthly price: only $120

Live trading demo

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Live trading demo - examples of real trading days

Here you can find some recent examples of our trading days in the last few months. All the levels are dynamically calculated values ​​and may be different for each case.

EURUSD sell stop at 1.4345; take profit at 1.4275, take profit №2 at 1.4210; stop loss at 1.4410;

EURUSD buy stop at 1.4510; take profit at 1.4550, take profit №2 at 1.4610; stop loss at 1.4445;

GBPUSD sell stop at 1.6180; take profit at 1.6140, take profit №2 at 1.6090; stop loss at 1.6225;

GBPUSD buy stop at 1.6290; take profit at 1.6325, take profit №2 at 1.6380; stop loss at 1.6255;