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  • Time: 8:00 CET (GMT+1), daily
  • Quantity: 4 signals per day
  • Signals type: Buy Stop or Sell Stop
  • Estimated profit: +600 pips/mo
  • Deliverly: website, e-mail, software
  • Monthly price: only $120

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FOREX profit: How much can you earn with our trading signals

We are often asked a question:

You are providing trading signals. How much pips can I get with it?

Every time we get this question, we have no idea of what to say. This question hasn’t the proper answer. You can earn up to 100 percent per month, but it is very risky and we would not advise you to do this. We are not newcomers to the market and we know that sometimes the market doesn’t move as expected – although we always do our best to follow the trend, the market is unpredictable. Typically, with our Forex signals average monthly profit is about +600 pips/month.

We trade on the Forex market since 2004, and since 2007 we provide professional Forex signals. We started as a small group of traders, but now each of us has it’s own clients for which we trade. And for almost 7 years we have accumulated a lot of experience to understand and predict Forex profit.

So, how much profit you can get with our trading signals?

Firstly, we know what market is and we understand that the stable Forex profit is very hard to reach. You can get an average result, but a constant positive-result trading is very difficult. In fact, the average monthly Forex profit with our signals is +600 points/month. If you are working with the recommended risk management, it is more than 30% per month of your deposit. Of course, this is a great result, although in some months it may be less.

Example: you have $1000 on your trading account. You open a position, as we recommend, with a volume of 0.05 standard lot with 1:100 leverage. So, following these rules with our trading signals at the end of the month your account could be a bit more $ 1300. This is a very good result - you get up to 30% of your deposit.

But be careful to consider the interests of your broker. It you mention these rules, your Forex profit will be stable and high for a long time.