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  • Signals type: Buy Stop or Sell Stop
  • Estimated profit: +600 pips/mo
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  • Monthly price: only $120

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Forex alerts VS expert advisors

Many people ask the question: why should I use Forex alerts if I can use technical indicators or expert advisors? It sounds simple and obvious: Forex alerts cost money, and some indicators or expert advisors generally free. But actually they are two different things. Let''s compare them and understand the difference between them.

First of all, it''s price. To compare prices, we went to one of the most popular forex tools websites. You''d be surprised, but most of the indicators or experts which appeared there cost a bit more than $ 500. We found about 12 fairly good tools, which PROBABLY would be able to make a profit with, if you certainly study all the algorithms and principles of it’s operations. But we are determined which one to choose - if you buy all 12, then we simply have no money left to trade. And what about the Forex alerts? Typically, they cost some money per month – for example $99/mo (TakeTrend way). But for the money paid you always get guaranteed service and do not buy a pig in a poke. Conclusion: the chance to buy a good trading advisor is very low. It is much easier and safer to subscribe to the Forex Alerts.

The next difference is support. We specifically tried to buy an expert advisor at one of the largest Asian shopping websites. We chose this market as well as Asia - it is a very large region for Forex trading. We paid a little over $ 200. A day later, a seller sent us the instructions and *. ex4 file for MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal. To begin, we decided to do a test on history to receive the declared profits of the “60% per month”. Naturally with the default options expert lost the entire deposit for half a year. We attempted to contact the seller and convince him to give us the appropriate options for trading for the period H1. The seller was silent for 3 days and after that we got an answer, that for the proper use, we must self-optimize. We decided to optimize this expert on our history. Expert continued to lose money, although not as quickly. We tried to get advice again, but were just "banned". All the requests to return the money were refused. Conclusion: buying the expert is just a half of the process. We should also get expert support and assistance with its configuration and optimization. And how are you doing with Forex alerts? It''s simple: live support 24 / 7. Although, the essence of the forex alerts is the fact you do not have anything to analyze and adjust yourself, you just will have no necessarily to consult often. But if you have any questions, all the managers would be happy to assist you. Conclusion: Forex alerts are much more reliable than unproven trade experts.

Third: efficiency. It would be naive to think that the machine can analyze the market more effectively than a man. Yes, there are moments when the trading rules are more important than the principles of a comprehensive market analysis. But in most cases it is not a good idea - EA has one of the algorithms, but Forex alerts service is a complex experience of analysts and traders who work for you.

Conclusion: 1-0 in favor of the Forex alerts!